The ACCC issued a final determination authorising Tabcorp (Vic) and ACTTAB to provide fixed odds wagering management services. The agreement enables ACTTAB to provide the same fixed odds wagering services to its customers as those provided by Tabcorp. In return, Tabcorp will earn management fees. Authorisation was granted for a period of five years. The ACCC considers the arrangements are likely to result in public benefits that will outweigh the likely public detriments. As a result of its inquiries, the ACCC concluded that, in the absence of an arrangement with a third party for the provision of fixed odds wagering and risk management services, ACTTAB would either cease to offer fixed odds wagering services or that it would develop its own fixed odds services, albeit reduced in scope. As a result, the ACCC considered that the arrangement is likely to result in public benefits arising from enhanced product offerings being available to retail customers in the ACT. It was acknowledged that the arrangement may result in public detriments associated with restrictions on ACTTAB’s operations, particularly with respect to the prices offered for its fixed odds wagering services. However, the ACCC considered that the arrangements are unlikely to result in significant public detriment due to the significant presence of betting exchanges and corporate bookmakers in Australia and overseas, which compete with ACTTAB and Tabcorp for customers and drive pricing in relation to fixed odds wagering.