It’s been two years since Dodd-Frank Act became law, and regulators (including the CFPB), have only written 224 out of the 398 required rules under the Act. These rules, according to the Dodd-Frank Burden Tracker, which is maintained by the Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, “consume 7,365 pages.” That’s a big number, but not entirely surprising considering the initial legislative text of the Act itself comprised 848 pages. The Dodd-Frank Burden Tracker also claims that it will take the private sector over 24 million hours annually, just to comply with these 224 rules. Rep. Neugebauer (R- Texas) noted that is more than the “20 million [it took] to build the Panama Canal.” Despite their prolific pace, regulators are actually not keeping up with many of the deadlines set forth under the Act. Dodd-Frank contains specified deadlines for 280 of the rules.  221 of these deadlines that have passed,  but only 85 of these rules have been finalized.  It has been estimated that at the current pace, the remaining 174 rules will not be completed for another two years.