Netflix has reportedly requested that a Chicago bar end its theming related to the company's popular "Stranger Things" show. "The Upside Down" was intended to be a six-week installation run by neighboring Emporium Logan Square, an arcade-themed bar, but success led the creators to plan on extending the pop-up past its scheduled closing date of October 1, 2017. In a letter filled with references to the 1980s-set show featuring a group of children fighting a supernatural entity, Netflix asked the bar owners to close the temporary installation as planned.

"We're not going to go full Dr. Brenner on you, but we ask that you please (1) not extend the pop-up beyond its 6 week run ending in September, and (2) reach out to us for permission if you plan to do something like this again," the letter stated. "We love our fans more than anything, but you should know that the demogorgon is not always as forgiving. So please don't make us call your mom." See DNAInfo, September 18, 2017.