The FSA has published Handbook Notice 96. This Handbook Notice introduces the FSA Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 28 January 2010.

On 28 January 2010, the FSA Board made changes to the FSA Handbook in three instruments which:

  • Implement the full regulatory regime for sale and rent back activities.
  • Introduce a requirement for firms reporting 500 or more complaints in their six monthly complaints return to publish information about these complaints and how they were handled.
  • Align the provisions in the Collective Investment Schemes sourcebook with the revised Statement of Recommended Practice published by the Investment Management Association, to clarify the requirements for signing financial statements, and to clarify that income shortfalls must be charged to the capital account at share class level.

The FSA Board also made various changes to the Perimeter Guidance manual in order to include guidance on sale and rent back activities. These changes are set out in chapter 3 of the Handbook Notice.

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