In response to the growing global concern of the Ebola Virus Disease, Oil & Gas UK has taken expert advice and published guidance about the steps the UK offshore oil and gas industry is taking to protect its workers from the potential impact of the current Ebola outbreak.

The key recommendations of this guidance are that companies should:

  • Ensure personnel receive appropriate advice on avoiding Ebola infection prior to deployment to Ebola-affected countries;
  • Ensure that personnel returning from deployment to Ebola-affected countries are reminded to seek medical attention if they are unwell, or become unwell within 21 days of return, and that personnel should inform the doctor they have recently been to an Ebola-affected country;
  • Maintain a list of personnel returning from Ebola-affected countries to assist in government screening procedures;
  • Remind personnel not to proceed offshore if feeling unwell, unless they have sought medical advice first;
  • Delay any intended visit to a UK offshore installation for a worker who has been (for work or personal reasons) to an Ebola-affected country until a period of 21 days has passed since their return; and
  • Seek assurance from their medical adviser/contractors (where relevant) that they are aware of Public Health England and Health Protection Scotland advice on clinical assessment of suspected Ebola cases.

To view the guidance note, please click here

We recognise that this is an urgent and fast moving situation. Should you require further support on this matter, our specialist emergency response team is on call to provide assistance and response to incidents 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our team is qualified to practise in England, Wales and Scotland but also regularly advises clients in relation to international working practices and health & safety matters in other jurisdictions. 

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