In the transition period 2013 to 2020, developed countries have the option of signing up to a Second Commitment Period (CP2) under the Kyoto Protocol or taking their pledges under the Convention Framework. On 9 November 2012, the Government announced that from 1 January 2013 New Zealand will take its next commitment under the Convention Framework.

It has stated that this means New Zealand will be aligning its climate change efforts with developed and developing countries which collectively are responsible for 85% of global emissions, including the United States, Japan, China, India, Canada, Brazil, Russia and many other major economies.

Minister Groser has said that:

"It is our intention to apply the broad Kyoto Framework of rules to our next commitment. This will ensure that at least New Zealand has started a process of carrying forward the structure created under the Kyoto Framework into the broader Convention Framework. This had been a point of principle of some importance to many developing countries. It would also mean that there would be no changes in domestic policy settings which had been modelled on the Kyoto Protocol rules."

The Australian Government has reached a different view to that of New Zealand, and has announced that it will be signing up to CP2 under the Kyoto Protocol.