OSHA has long bemoaned that the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSH Act”) does not allow OSHA to issue penalties sufficiently high enough to deter noncompliance. While reasonable minds can disagree about the sufficiency of the OSH Act’s penalty structure or whether most employers strive to provide safe and healthy workplaces out of fear of enforcement, few can question OSHA’s creative use of “alternative tools” to incentivize compliance. Foremost among those tools is OSHA’s power of the press.

Every week, OSHA identifies by name several employers that have been cited for occupational safety and health violations. Here’s the Perp Walks for the week of January 9th.

  • January 13 [Region 6 News Release] – 2017 – 01/13/2017 – Oklahoma truck bed manufacturer fined $535K for putting workers at risk, as OSHA inspectors identify 30 safety, health violations
  • January 12 [Region 8 News Brief] – 2017 – 01/12/2017 – OSHA cites Sioux Falls company after 40-year-old equipment operator suffers serious injuries in trench cave-in at Brandon work site
  • January 09 [Region 5 News Brief] – 2017 – 01/09/2017 – OSHA finds workers exposed to multiple fall hazards while roofing Winnetka home
  • January 09 [Region 2 News Release] – 2017 – 01/09/2017 – OSHA cites New York contractor for exposing workers to excavation hazards at high school construction site