On July 11, 2019, the FCC held a summit concerning the implementation by carriers of the SHAKEN/STIR call authentication framework. Summit participants including several major carriers and other stakeholders, as well as key FCC staff members, and remarks by Chairman Pai. The agenda for the summit included the following discussions:

  • A panel discussion where major voice service providers discussed their progress toward deploying the SHAKEN/STIR framework by the end of this year and lessons they have learned from deploying call authentication technology in their own networks and from testing inter-provider call signing;
  • A panel discussion regarding the use of caller ID authentication to reduce spoofed illegal calls and improve the consumer experience, particularly focusing on the role of SHAKEN/STIR in call analytics and how SHAKEN/STIR will impact what consumers see on their phones.
  • A panel discussion concerning challenges and potential solutions to deployment of SHAKEN/STIR by smaller voice service providers; and
  • A presentation on progress and next steps in SHAKEN/STIR governance.