In February 2015, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK released guidelines which outline good practice in relation to the disclosure of native advertising formats. Setting out clear and practical steps to ensure compliance, the guidelines recommend that advertisers and publishers should follow these principles when entering into an agreement concerning the publishing of marketing content:

  • Provide consumers with prominently visible "visual cues" in order to enable them to immediately understand that they are engaging in marketing content that has been compiled by a third party in a native ad format (e.g. by prominent brand logos, font or shading).
  • Ensure that the publisher of the native ad format uses a reasonably visible label which will indicates that a commercial arrangement is in place ("brought to you by…").
  • Ensure that the content of the advertisement within the native ad format adheres to the CPRs (UK legislation regarding consumer protection from unfair trading regulations),and the CAP Code (the advertising industry's mandatory code for non-broadcast marketing communications in the UK).