On 24 November 2009 TPR launched a campaign aimed at encouraging good governance and administration and better management of pension scheme risks. A statement published alongside results of the 2009 pension scheme governance survey outlines TPR’s key focus areas.

TPR makes clear that trustees responsible for running pension schemes need to be sure that:

  • they have the right skills and they get the right people to run their pension scheme; and
  • they have the right processes in place to manage scheme risks.

Over the coming months the campaign will renew TPR’s focus on governance and administration aiming to improve standards across the industry by:

  • providing updated guidance on internal controls;
  • publishing a revised scope document and guidance for trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU);
  • publishing bite-sized e-learning on risk management for trustees;
  • consulting on new proposals for record keeping; and
  • updating existing guidance on winding up pension schemes.

View TPR’s statement.