Low salt means low sodium: The European Court of Justice has ruled that a ‘low salt’ claim cannot be made for mineral water if the total sodium present from all sources exceeds 20mg/L.View >

Fish sustainability in the spotlight: The Marine Conservation Society has league tabled restaurant chains based on their fish sourcing policies.  Bella Italia and JD Wetherspoon have responded quickly in publishing policies. In a further development, Lidl has set out plans to move to only stocking fish from Marine Stewardship Council Certified fisheries. 

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Work commences to build on HSE five year strategy: The Health and Safety Executive is seeking business assistance in developing the following themes of its new five year strategy:

  • promoting broader ownership of workplace health and safety;
  • highlighting and tackling the burden of work-related ill-health;
  • supporting small firms;
  • enabling productivity through proportionate risk management;
  • anticipating and tackling the challenges of new technology and ways of working; and
  • sharing the benefits or Great Britain’s approach. View >

EU Technical Regulations:

  • Authorises a general health claim for chicory inulin and bowel function. 2015/2314 >
  • Sets limits and quotas for ozone depleting substances. 2015/2337 > 

EFSA reports: The European Food Safety Agency has published reports on E. coli, campylobacter and listeria. View > View > EFSA has also been exploring approaches to time temperature treatment of bivalve molluscs to eliminate norovirus and hepatitis A. View >