On March 8, 2016, the FCA published a final notice that it had banned Peter Charles Bottomley from the UK financial services industry. Mr. Bottomley was convicted on July 9, 2015 of eight counts of dishonesty and financial crime offenses and sentenced to 72 months’ imprisonment. Mr. Bottomley’s conviction comprised five counts of dishonestly making false representations to make gain for self or another or cause loss to another or expose others to risk; one count of false accounting; one count of making or supplying articles used in fraud and one count of theft. The FCA found that, in respect of his criminal convictions, Mr. Bottomley had breached the Fit and Proper requirements set out in its Handbook because he lacked honesty, integrity and reputation. The ban, which took effect on March 8, 2016, prohibits Mr. Bottomley from carrying out any function in relation to any regulated activity carried out by any authorized firm, exempt person or exempt professional firm.

The final notice is available at: http://www.fca.org.uk/static/documents/final-notices/peter-charles-bottomley.pdf