Australia provides relief for mFund service. The Australian Securities & Investment Commission issued a Class Order that will facilitate retail clients’ redemption requests in unlisted managed investment schemes through mFund Settlement Service. (1/7/2014) ASIC press release.

China to adopt new delisting rules. Xinhua reported that the China Securities Regulatory Commission will adopt new delisting rules that will address the treatment of issuers accused of major legal violations. (1/6/2014) Delisting. 

China adopts shadow banking rules. The Financial Times discussed new shadow banking rules adopted by China which include a prohibition against off-balance sheet interbank loans. (1/6/2014) Shadow banking. 

Australia provides relief from new super disclosure requirements. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has issued a class order and taken a no-action position to assist with the introduction of recent superannuation reforms. The ASIC has changed the start date for compliance with new fees and costs disclosure arrangements by class order to July 1, 2014 provided conditional interim relief by class order so that RSE licensees do not have to provide a hard copy of the product dashboard with the periodic statement, and provided a no-action position for RSE licensees so that information about accrued default amounts do not need to be included in an exit statement. (12/16/2013) ASIC press release. 

Australia reports on mid-year review of financial statements. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission announced the results from a review of the June 30, 2013 financial reports, which covered 280 listed and other public interest entities. (12/16/2013) ASIC press release. 

Japan’s financial market recommendations. Japan’s Financial Services Agency published the recommendations of The Panel for Vitalizing Financial and Capital Markets. (12/13/2013)