Currently, Nevada only allows wineries to operate in counties with populations of 100,000 or less.  Therefore, Clark County (where Las Vegas is located) and Washoe County (where Reno is located) are not permitted to have wineries in their respective jurisdictions.

Assembly Bill 4 seeks to remove this restriction so that wineries can produce and sell wines from any county in Nevada.  Under the current proposed legislation, only wineries operating before the bill takes effect can sell wine at retail or by the glass at one off-site location, so long as those sales are not more than 50% of overall winery sales.  In addition, the bill provides that if a wine production has less than 25% of the grapes grown in Nevada,  wineries would be restricted to making no more than 1,000 cases of such wine per calendar year.

We may soon be witness to a burgeoning Las Vegas wine industry to complement the already-expanding wine country in Pahrump .