A new Conference Board report on proxy voting in 2014 reports a decline in shareholder proposals on executive compensation matters. Among Russell 3000 and S&P 500 companies, the 70 compensation-related proposals was down from 86 proposals in 2013. Almost 70% of the proposals involved either requiring equity retention periods or limits on golden parachute payments. A couple of notes:

There was majority support for 5 of the golden parachute proposals and 1 of the equity retention proposals. Support increased for clawback and SERP limit proposals, but measured on a small number of proposals (3 clawback and 2 SERP proposals). 2014 saw a complete lack of proposals on tax gross ups (consistent with the decreased use of gross ups). The major area of new proposals (6) related to director compensation, however, these were all part of a single director election proxy fight.