What is an ETRM System

An ETRM system is a category of software applications, architecture and tools that supports the business processes associated with energy trading. In the broadest sense, ETRM solutions are fully integrated sets of software that help to manage the front, middle and back office areas of an energy trading entity.

Energy Consultants and ETRM Implementations

The implementation of an ETRM system can be complex, time consuming and a strain on internal staff. This is why organizations often reach out to energy consulting firms for help.

Energy consulting firms offer advisory services and provide clients with project managers, business consultants and IT professionals that have extensive experience and knowledge in the energy sector. Their professionals can anticipate problems and resolve unpredictable obstacles.

Often, the individuals within an energy consulting firm will be versed in both the client’s business and IT needs. This allows for greater communication between an organizations’ business and IT groups ensuring everyone is on the same page and receiving the same messages. There are often multiple stakeholders in implementations of this scale, so effective communication is a key factor.

Using energy consultants to assist with an ETRM implementation can also help to elevate the strain on internal staff. They bring experience and knowledge from previous implementations to ensure your project is done right the first time. Internal staff can gain valuable skills from the consultants during the implementation process allowing them to be more confident in the system at go-live.