The L’Oréal-owned beauty company, The Body Shop, known for manufacturing cruelty-free products, has reportedly removed all of its products from duty-free stores in  Chinese airports after learning that the products were at risk of random testing on animals by the country’s authorities. Although airport-sold products  are exempt from China’s mandatory animal-testing regulations, they are apparently subject to random  spot tests by Chinese authorities.

“It’s a standard part of the Chinese cosmetic regulation process,” said CEO Alan Kirkland of the  Australian watchdog group Choice, which led the investiga- tion into the products’ sale. “Chinese  officials have said [] there is no way that a product sold in airports could be guaranteed to be  exempt from that. There is no way they can guarantee those products are not tested on animals.”

A Body Shop Australia spokesperson reportedly said that all products have been removed from airport  stores while the company works with Chinese authorities to determine the full nature of the  post-market testing. “We still maintain that we’re very much committed to our cruelty-free values,”  the spokesperson said. “We’re working very closely with Chinese authorities to get to the bottom of  what’s happening … [and] we will not waiver on our cruelty- free commitment. If it comes about that  there’s any reason to be concerned, we will absolutely stay out of the [Chinese] market.” See, March 11, 2014; The Body Shop News Release, March 12, 2014.

Meanwhile, Tarte Cosmetics, a beauty company that has traditionally marketed itself as an environmentally conscious cosmetics company that  does not test products on  animals, has come under scrutiny following its recent acquisition by Kosè Corp., a Japanese  cosmetics company. Like many Asian countries, Japanese regulations require animal testing on  cosmetic products, and, according to news sources, although Tarte CEO and Founder Maureen Kelly has  stated that Tarte will remain a cruelty-free company and  will never test products on animals, many  Tarte customers are upset about the acquisition and have stated that they will no longer purchase  the company’s products. See, March 18, 2014.