The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has issued a final rule amending the mandatory labeling requirements for wine to permit alcohol content “to appear on other labels affixed to the container rather than requiring it to appear on the brand label.” Effective August 9, 2013, the final rule seeks to provide greater flexibility in wine labeling “and will conform the TTB wine labeling regulations to the agreement reached by the members of the World Wine Trade Group [WWTG] regarding the presentation of certain information on wine labels.”

According to TTB, the WWTG Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labeling specifies that all wine labels must display the following common mandatory information (CMI): (i) country of origin, (ii) alcohol content (percentage by volume), (iii) net contents, and (iv) product name. Under the agreement, all four of the CMI elements must appear in a “single field of vision,” that is, “any part of the surface of the container, excluding its base and cap, that can be seen without having to turn the container.” The final rule resolves the last conflict between the WWTG agreement and federal regulations by removing the TTB requirement that alcohol content appear only on the brand label. See Federal Register, June 10, 2013.