The Interstate Renewable Energy Council reports in its U.S. Solar Market Trends 2013 that North Carolina ranks third among U.S. states in solar power installations in 2013.  The 261 megawatts installed, which is how these things are measured, is a 114% increase over that installed in 2012 in North Carolina

The states ranked ahead of North Carolina in 2013, in terms of installation?  California and Arizona, which boast geographic challenges not seen in the Old North State.  Oh yeah, and that puts North Carolina at the fore of the East Coast.

This growth in solar power is only going to continue.  Duke Energy announced in September that it will spend another $500 million to expand its solar electricity use in North Carolina, including the construction of the largest array east of the Mississippi.

Solar power brings very interesting and complex regulatory and land use issues.

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"Anthem of the Sun, including the B-side: 'Let's Go Green'."