A study of the possibility of health plans developing procedures to provide payment plans for individuals who take high cost prescription medications

This study, which originated as legislation but evolved into a study instead as directed by the patron of the bill through a letter to the Joint Commission on Health Care, directs the Joint Commission to study if and how insurers could develop payment plans for patients purchasing specialty tier drugs. It will also explore opportunities to expand the relationships between the Commonwealth and its pharmaceutical, insurance, pharmacy benefit manager, specialty pharmacy, and patient advocacy partners in order to develop a robust specialty-tier safety net.  

A study of the factors affecting the cost of health care and an examination of the impact of the PPACA on the cost of health care

(HJ 687 - http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?131+sum+HJ687)  

This study, which was proposed by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, will be conducted by the Joint Commission on Health Care and will address:

  • promising policies, practices, and initiatives expected to help control health care costs while maintaining quality of care
  • factors considered to be the primary contributors to the increase of health care costs
  • approaches undertaken in other states and countries to control health care costs
  • the likely impact of federal PPACA provisions on the cost of health care  

A study of potential shortages of physicians in the Commonwealth, including primary care but also specialty care physicians in the state and in regions throughout the state

(HJ689 - http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?131+sum+HJ689)  

This study will examine if a shortage of primary care physicians and specialty care physicians in particular regions exists. It will also look at the costs of medical education, and the effect of excessive malpractice insurance premiums, malpractice laws and caps, the shortage of nurses, and ancillary regulations such as the Certificate of Public Need.