On August 19, the FCC hosted the first meeting of the newly minted “Robocall Strike Force,” a group of more than 30 telephone service providers, equipment manufacturers, and others, whose goal according to the FCC is to “develop[] comprehensive solutions to prevent, detect, and filter unwanted robocalls” and advise the FCC on the role government can play in this effort. The strike force is headed up by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Other carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, T‐ Mobile and CenturyLink, have also agreed to participate in the Strike Force. During the initial meeting, the participants agreed to meet at least twice weekly and to report back to the Commission with initial proposed solutions by October 19th.

Notably, this group is not a formal federal advisory committee, and does not have the process or procedural requirements that would accompany such a group. It is not clear what the group will address, or how it will operate going forward. Any recommendations, other than those for voluntary industry actions, would require further FCC proceedings, including notice and comment procedures relating to any proposed rule changes.