The Quality Brand Protection Committee (QBPC) has recently voted for the Yearly Best Practice and the Five Model Case of 2012. The QBPC, supported by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and registered under the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI) aims to strengthen Chinese IPR laws and regulations, strengthen IPR creation, application, protection and management, improve the IPR protection system, enhance the public’s awareness of IPR protection, establish a longstanding and effective IPR protection system and support the improvement of the innovation environment. One of HFG case has been chosen in the Best 10 criminal cases.

 Following are the results of the “Criminal Case” section:

  1. Microsoft
  2. JNJ
  3. UL
  4. Unilever and Beiersdorf
  5. Amway
  6. Nokia
  7. Astra – Zeneca, Bayer, GSK,Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Servier Servier
  8. SKF
  9. BP and Shell
  10. Bosch, NGK, and TOYOTA;
    1.  HP