Q: Could I lose my job if I make a claim against my employer?

A: No, employers are required by law to have liability insurance which means that your compensation would be paid by the company’s insurer, not by them.  If you were to be dismissed as a result of making a claim, you would be able to make a damages claim under employment law.

Q: If my injury was my colleague’s fault, would they have to pay for my compensation?

A: No, your employer’s liability insurance would cover the negligence of your colleague.

Q: If I don’t work at the place where I was injured can I still make a claim?

A: Yes, if it was your employer’s fault and as long as you claim within 3 years of knowing that you were suffering with an injury or illness that was caused by your work.  You might also have a claim against whoever was responsible for the place where you were injured.

Q: If the place where I was injured has closed down can I still make a claim?

A: Yes, specialist personal injury lawyers are experienced in tracing companies and the companies that insure them, so even if they have changed trading names you can still make a claim.

Q: If there weren’t any witnesses to my accident at work, can I still make a claim?

A: Yes, in a work related accident, your employer would have to investigate the accident and may find other proof (such as documentation) that could support your claim.  It is rare that no evidence whatsoever exists even if nobody actually saw your accident.