IOSCO has published the Final Report on “Principles for Ongoing Disclosure for Asset Backed Securities” (ABS Ongoing Disclosure Principles), which contains principles designed to provide guidance to securities regulators who are developing or reviewing their regulatory regimes for ongoing disclosure for asset-backed securities (ABS).

IOSCO has identified eleven principles as essential for any ongoing disclosure regime for ABS including (i) updated information regarding the ABS should be disclosed in reports prepared on an annual and other periodic basis, as appropriate to the type of information to be disclosed and its usefulness to investors; (ii) disclosure should be presented in a format that facilitates the analysis of information by investors; and (iii) the information provided in the ongoing report should be disclosed in a timely manner, such that the information is sufficiently current and disclosed with sufficient frequency so as to be of use to investors.

The objectives of the Principles are to enhance investor protection by facilitating a better understanding of the issues that should be considered by regulators in relation to ongoing disclosure regimes for ABS.