The FCC has set a deadline of September 13 for receipt of its Fiscal Year 2012 annual regulatory fees. Regardless of the method of payment, the process must be initiated through the FCC’s on-line Fee Filer system. Full payment must be received by the September 13 deadline in order to avoid the 25% late payment penalty, plus interest and processing fees.

Please note that the FCC is not sending bills to individual stations this year. Instead, it is requiring that licensees determine the extent of their obligation and obtain information on-line through its Fee Filer.

We are in the process of contacting our clients who relied upon us to pay their regulatory fees last year. If we can assist you this year and you have not heard from us within the next few days, please let us know so we will have sufficient time to prepare your submissions.

If you plan to pay your fees directly, detailed instructions are available on the FCC’s website at: