In a recent Health Communiqué, Passage of Bill 21 Brings Significant Changes to Hospital Pharmacy and Health Professional Regulationwe provided an overview of the significant changes to the oversight of hospital and institutional pharmacies brought about by the passage of Bill 21.

Bill 21 amended the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (“DPRA”) to extend oversight and investigative authority of the Ontario College of Pharmacists (“OCP”) to hospital pharmacies, which include those locations where drugs are compounded, dispensed or supplied for hospital patients. These amendments will only come into force after DPRA regulations (which currently only apply to community pharmacies) are amended to address these pharmacy locations.

OCP Public Consultation – Written Feedback Requested

The OCP has released proposed revisions to Ontario Regulation 58/11 under the DPRA and is seeking feedback on the changes. The deadline to provide feedback is May 10, 2015.

Proposed revisions include establishing two classes of pharmacy accreditation; one for community pharmacies and one for hospital pharmacies. Institutional pharmacy locations are not currently addressed in the proposed regulations. Performance-based expectations applicable to pharmacies of all classes of certificates of accreditation are also outlined in the regulation.

The OCP's revisions are intended to be high-level in order to support future changes in scope of practice for health professionals and evolution in related technology. Standards, policies and guidelines will be developed to support the regulation by referencing national standards, addressing specific issues and ensuring clarity of policy expectations.

The proposed revisions, information on how to provide feedback and OCP considerations when making the proposed revisions can be found on the OCP website. You may also inquire with us directly if you have any questions.