Legal nurse consulting is a powerful, key component in litigation procedures that take place in the medical and judicial systems. These licensed registered nurses who’ve undergone specialized training use everything they’ve learned from both nursing and legal nursing consultancy schools to help with claims and legal cases.

The legal nurse consultant education allows a registered nurse (RN) to research, interpret, and analyze the legal side of the health and medical industry. Due to the following reasons, all insurance companies need their skills and expertise.

1. Determining the occurrence of professional negligence

One of the primary roles of legal nurse consultants is to determine whether or not a health and medical professional committed negligence. They review the medical records of patients, as well as come up with a summary of injuries and the corresponding treatments to establish any wrongdoing that a health or medical professional may have committed. They use patient records to gain an insight into the quality and standard of health care given to an insured client.

2. Educating non-medical colleagues

Attorneys need as much help as they can get during the process of deciphering a claim or medical-related case. As such, they rely on legal nurse consultants when it comes to medical facts, treatments, terminologies, timelines, and other vital pieces of health care-related details.

Also, lawyers use the education and experience of legal nurse consultants as a way to liaise with their clients and the involved health professionals.

3. Investigating of claims and other legal issues

Legal nurse consultants use their skills, expertise, and knowledge to conduct an investigation. For instance, they perform extensive research on disability and compensation claims to determine whether or not they have merit or are valid. They can also serve as a valuable source of information for establishing fraud and abuse, especially when it comes to government funded agencies.

These are just some of the many other responsibilities of legal nurse consultants, but they should be enough to make all insurance companies perceive them as a must-have member of their organization.