Hollencrest Securities and Peter Pellizzon, a part owner and principal of Hollencrest, agreed to sanctions and findings by the National Futures Association related to the fabrication of a story to NFA about the alleged registration of a Ayako Hanyu, a Hollencrest employee. According to NFA, in December 2011, Ms. Hanyu applied to NFA to be registered as an associated person; however, her application was withdrawn in March 2012. Subsequently, in March 2015, charged NFA, Nita Charlton-Gomes, a senior vice president and the human resources manager for Hollencrest, advised NFA that Ms. Hanyu’s AP application had been erroneously withdrawn by NFA and asked that it be reinstated. As evidence, Ms. Charlton-Gomes sent NFA an email that she claimed she had received from Chris Collins, an NFA employee, on August 3, 2012, purportedly approving Ms. Hanyu’s registration. Subsequently, after an investigation, NFA learned that Ms. Charlton-Gomes had fabricated the email and had confessed this to Mr. Pellizzon in August 2015. However, Mr. Pellizzon did not advise NFA of this until the following month, claimed NFA. To resolve the charges, Hollencrest agreed to pay a fine of US $125,000 while Mr. Pellizzon consented to findings that he failed to observe high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade.