Embark Richmond Highway is an ongoing Fairfax County effort to plan greater transit oriented development along the Richmond Highway Corridor. The Embark Richmond Highway planning initiative began in May of 2015. We anticipate staff will recommend creating several bus rapid transit stations along Richmond Highway and plan the area around those stations as Community Business Centers, which would permit a greater level of density than is currently provided for in the Comprehensive Plan. Staff anticipates releasing station area concept plans between April-June 2017, drafting comprehensive plan recommendations between July-September 2017 and bringing the plan before Board of Supervisors in January or February of 2018. If you have property or are exploring opportunities along this portion of the Richmond Highway (see map), please contact us to discuss the particulars of your position. It is imperative that interested property owners engage with the County prior to this summer because it will be difficult to modify draft comprehensive plan recommendations once staff begins releasing them to the public.