In (1) Dadourian Group International Inc (A company incorporated under the laws of the State of New York) (2) Alex Dadourian (3) Haig Dadourian v Paul Francis Simms & Ors - Lawtel 1.8.08 the Chancery Court considered the circumstances in which a party is entitled to adduce in evidence documents that have been unlawfully disclosed to it by a third party. It referred to the general rule that when a party chooses to deploy privileged material in litigation the opposing party must be given the opportunity of satisfying themselves that they have the whole of the material relevant to the issue in question. In practice that means that the party introducing the privileged material is required to disclose the whole of the document unless it is severable in terms of its subject matter. In this case it was held that the respondents must be taken to have waived any privilege in the documents and legal professional privilege had been waived by disclosures made by the respondents. It was significant that on the evidence the documents were not privileged from disclosure on account of the material that they contained.