What has happened?

The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) has published its Customer Experience Guidelines, which come with a checklist that participants can use to check compliance.

What does this mean?

The Customer Experience Guidelines, which were published in September 2018, are a set of standards based on regulatory requirements and customer insight that can be applied by third-party providers (TPPs) and account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs).

The Guidelines are particularly useful for Open Banking participants that are building their own dedicated interface or are adopting any other market initiative standard.

The Guidelines focus on the customer journey, and their aim is to ensure that the "interplay between the TPP and the ASPSP is as seamless as is possible while providing customer control in a secure environment".

The customer journey is split into four sections, which are covered in the Guidelines:

  • authentication methods;
  • service propositions for Account Information Services;
  • service propositions for Payment Initiation Services; and
  • service propositions for Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers.

The Guidelines also set out details about unique customer journeys for each core use case including a high-level description of the journey, a journey map, a 'wireframe' journey (which identifies key messages, actions, interactions and information), and annotation details for the wireframe journeys.

The Guidelines also come with a Customer Experience Checklist that participants can use to assess their compliance with the Guidelines.

The Checklist sets out the requirements, and also explains why the requirements are relevant (for example, they may be required by PSD2, the RTS, the CMA Order or they may be part of the Open Banking Standard Implementation Requirements).

The requirements are marked as mandatory, optional or conditional.

Participants are encouraged to go through the Checklist because OBIE has said it will consider the Checklist for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

Next steps

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