The Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM) has published economic conditions concerning access point services relating to the public telephone network in a fixed location in compliance with universal service obligations.

Under these conditions, Telecom Italia is granted the right to request that end users pay an additional amount of up to 30% of total costs for access point installation located purposely for the same user/client between its local distributor (or other Access Point nearby) and the client’s address. Such additional contribution shall be due exclusively for access on a separate circuit requiring the construction of excavations and pilings from scratch, or where new client plants must be installed. Where there are simultaneously further requests for access to the public telephone network in a fixed area affecting the same network path, Telecom Italia may increase the cost percentage up to a maximum of 50%, dividing the quota to be paid equally amongst the various applicants requesting access.

There is however a number of situations in which the additional contribution cannot be requested. Until the 15° Population and Housing Census (which is aimed at collecting up-to-date information on the addresses and house numbers of customers residing in scattered houses or towns) that is currently being carried out by National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) is concluded, Telecom Italia shall apply the additional contribution exclusively to those plants located beyond the town perimeter.

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