The Ninth Circuit will rehear a ruling denying immunity under the Communications Decency Act to a modeling website in a suit alleging negligent failure to warn. In September, a three-judge panel of the court held, in Jane Doe No. 14 v. Internet Brands, Inc., that the plaintiff, who was a victim of a rape scheme perpetuated by individuals using a website owned by Internet Brands, could pursue her claim that the company did not fulfill its duty under California law to warn her of the scheme.  The court has now granted Internet Brands’ petition for a rehearing.  Internet Brands argued in its petition that the plaintiffs’ assertion of a “special relationship” carrying a duty to warn rested on the assumption that Internet Brands was the publisher of her profile content.  The company also claimed that the Ninth Circuit’s narrow interpretation of the CDA imposed too much liability on Internet businesses and service providers, and could have a chilling effect on freedom of speech.