In his prepared remarks to the Consumer Bankers Association last week, Richard Cordray provided a laundry list of regulatory and rulemaking activities currently being undertaken by the CFPB.  For those keeping track:

  • Cordray's remarks suggest that a final proposed rule regarding prepaid accounts in imminent;
  • Likewise, a notice of proposed rule concerning pay day loans and other small dollar loans will be published in the coming moths;
  • Likewise, the CFPB is preparing to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking on the use of arbitration clauses in consumer finance contracts;
  • Cordray's remarks also confirmed activity regarding the incidence and transparency of overdraft fees;
  • Cordray acknowledged that the CFPB is focused on debt collection but his remarks were oddly silent as to the status of the CFPB's efforts in that regard;
  • Cordray also acknowledged that the CFPB has begun working to establish a rule governing the collection and publication of data on small business lending;
  • Cordray's remarks also confirmed the CFPB is actively engaged in working to improve the credit reporting market and more specifically, is focused on the accuracy of screening processes used  by depository institutions; and
  • Finally, Cordray confirmed the CFPB's continued partnership with the Department of Justice to "identify and stamp out discrimination in auto lending practices."

While providing no hard timelines, Cordray at least confirmed the current priorities of the CFPB regulatory agenda.  For those keeping track, the CFPB's fall rulemaking agenda had anticipated a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning payday lending in early 2016 with a target date of February.