The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued draft guidance concerning the proper labeling of honey and honey products to ensure that such products “are not  adulterated or misbranded.” In light of its earlier refusal to create a new standard of identity  for honey, the agency developed the guidance to respond to labeling issues raised by a March 8,  2006, petition submitted by the American Beekeeping Federation and other honey-related  associations.

According to FDA, the draft guidance (i) “summarizes FDA’s legal authority over honey and honey  products”; (ii) “provides a commonly used definition of honey”; (iii) “offers advice on labeling  issues such as the floral source of honey, blends of honey and other sweeteners, and blends of  honey and other ingre- dients, such as flavors”; and (iv) “describes some of the measures FDA takes  to guard against honey adulterated with cane sugar, corn syrup, or residues of chloramphenicol or  fluoroquinolones.”The agency has requested comments on the draft guidance before June 9, 2014. See  CFSAN Constituent Update, April 8, 2014; Federal Register, April 9, 2014.