​Media outlets have recently been reporting on the possibility that Nikola Tesla Airport will acquire Sava Centar (SC), with the purpose of turning it into its company headquarters. This acquisition would be followed by an investment of over EUR 30 million in the next three years for the building's reconstruction and adaptation. Such a decision would result in Sava Centar changing its name to "Congress Centre Nikola Tesla Airport", with an expanded array of facilities, including a tower, a shopping mall, and a hotel. The funds for the investment in question will be hailing from the Airport's own assets.

According to Nikola Tesla Airport's acting Director, Saša Vlaisavljević, SC is currently losing between EUR 90 000 – 100 000 on a monthly basis, and his plan includes coming up with a way in which SC would be able to break even in the space of the same three years. Furthermore, the Airport's plans include having the City of Belgrade as a minority partner in the acquisition with a 49% share. This was not an option earlier in the year, when the City of Belgrade announced a non-binding tender for SC, but since no bidders showed interest for this kind of an arrangement, a new binding tender is expected to be launched soon, where the partnership in question between the City and the Airport is reported as the likeliest option to happen.

Historically speaking, since its founding, SC has been a modern centre with a considerable reputation locally and internationally, and more than three decades of experience in organising some of the largest international congresses and art conventions. To date, SC has hosted more than 9.700 local and international congresses and events with over 1.900.000 participants, and over 20.000 cultural events which were seen by more than 10.000.000 visitors.