On June 21, 2016, as part of her remarks at the Managed Funds Association Forum, CFTC Commissioner Sharon Bowen outlined various proposals to improve governance in CFTC-regulated entities.

Commissioner Bowen emphasized maintaining independent, high-caliber boards of directors. She suggested that the boards of CFTC-regulated entities “craft qualitative and quantitative standards for directors” to ensure individuals meet expected fitness standards, “create a strong company ethos” to improve the culture of compliance and limit the tenure of independent audit and compensation committee members to protect director independence.

Commissioner Bowen also proposed swap execution facility reform, calling for the centralized oversight of SEF surveillance and enforcement functions. She proposed that “all SEFs should be under one self-regulatory organization . . . whether that is the NFA or some other SRO,” so as to increase the efficiency of enforcement mechanisms, standardize rules and increase transparency.

Finally, with regards to swap intermediaries, Commissioner Bowen stated that “the CFTC should also require registration and testing of all swap intermediaries.” Registration would allow the CFTC to obtain more information about those entities intermediating trades in the market, and assess whether their actions are appropriate. Moreover, having robust testing standards for swap intermediaries would serve as a quality control check.

Commissioner Bowen’s remarks are available at: http://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/SpeechesTestimony/opabowen-9