("PROVISIONS") (最高人民法院关于人民法院在互联网公布裁判文书的规定), ISSUED BY THE SUPREME PEOPLE’S COURT

The Provisions update the old version issued on November 21, 2010, which was overruled on the effective date of the Provisions.

The Supreme People’s Court has created a website for judicial opinions in China (http://www.court.gov.cn/zgcpwsw/). Judicial documents issued by various levels of the people’s courts are published on this central website.

As well as specifying when subjects’ anonymity must be preserved, the Provisions cover information that must be removed from judicial documents before they are published on the internet, including:

  • home address, contact information, ID number, bank account number, health condition and other personal data,
  • whether the subject is underage,
  • bank account information of legal person or organizations,
  • trade secrets, and
  • other information inappropriate for release

The Provisions establish a seven-day deadline for the handling judge or handling person designated by the people’s court to publish the court documents, which is much shorter than the previous deadline.

Date of issue: November 21, 2013. Effective date: November 21, 2013.