Important and/or distinctive aspects of holiday/annual leave legislation in Singapore

The Employment Act (the "EA") covers every employee (regardless of nationality) who is under a contract of service with an employer (the "EA employee"), except:

  • any person employed in a managerial or executive position who earns a basic monthly salary of more than S$4,500;
  • any seafarer;
  • any domestic worker; and
  • any person employed by a Statutory Board or the Government.

A "workman" is an EA employee. This is defined in the EA as a skilled or unskilled manual labourer. An employee is entitled to paid annual leave if the employee meets the following conditions:

  • the employee is covered under Part IV of the EA (i.e. workman who earns a salary of not more than S$4,500 a month or employee (other than workman) who earns not more than S$2,500 a month); and
  • the employee has worked for the employer for at least three months.

An EA employee's paid annual leave entitlement is as follows:

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An EA employee is entitled to pro-rate their annual leave if the employee has been working for between three and 12 months.

Under the EA, annual leave may be forfeited if the employee:

  • is absent from work without the employer's permission or without a reasonable excuse for more than 20% of the working days in the months or year in which the entitlement to such leave accrues;
  • fails to take such leave within 12 months of the end of each year of continuous service; or
  • is dismissed for misconduct.

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