As a result of a December 2009 summit held by Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder, the Justice Department recently introduced the creation of an Intellectual Property (IP) task force. The summit was attended by executives from movie studios, record companies, book publishers and television networks. The IP task force, headed by the Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, is charged with cracking down on the growing number of domestic and international IP crimes, such as piracy. Goals of the new organization include coordinating the efforts of local, state and international law enforcement, investigating the link between IP crimes and international organized crime, and developing new policies involving emerging technology and legal issues surrounding IP crimes.

“The rise in intellectual property crime in the United States and abroad threatens not only our public safety but also our economic well being,” Holder said in a statement. “This task force will allow us to identify and implement a multi-faceted strategy with our federal, state and international partners to effectively combat this type of crime.”

The IP task force will work closely with the recently established Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, which is responsible for drafting an administration-wide strategic plan on IP enforcement. “Americans produce more technologies, more brands, more creative works, and more innovation than any other nation” said Victoria Espinel, the U.S. intellectual property enforcement coordinator. Vice President Biden said that the Obama administration “is committed to stronger and stricter enforcement of intellectual property rights, and this new task force is a step in the right direction.”