New changes have been proposed to public procurement law, not long after previous changes came into force (on 20 February 2013, as we reported here).

Seven separate drafts of legislation have been prepared and are currently under discussion. Five of them have already been sent to Parliament and processed as official bills.

The most important changes include:  

  • changing the financial threshold above which procurement law applies from the PLN equivalent of €14,000 to €20,000 or €30,000;
  • increasing the role in tenders of criteria other than price (e.g. introducing the innovativeness of proposed solutions as an additional criterion for evaluating tenders);
  • allowing the contracting authority/entity to have greater control over sub-contracts;
  • enabling the subject matter of the contract to be divided in certain cases (e.g. when justified by technical, organizational or economic needs of the contracting authority/entity);
  • extending the scope of the purchaser’s control over proceedings (e.g. by introducing changes in selected procurement modes, changes in the provisions on excluding economic operators, and changes relating to abnormally low prices in offers).