Nigeria’s Mr Amos Adamu, a high-ranking member of the body deciding which country hosts the 2018 World Cup finals has been banned for three years for taking bribes. Mr Amos Adamu became the first FIFA official to be banned for bribery and fined £6,300. Mr Reynald Temarii, who sits alongside Mr Adamu on the Executive Committee, was suspended and fined for his part in an expose by the UK’s Sunday Times that alleged the men had asked for money in return for votes. Four former Committee Members were also suspended for a total of 12 years.

Mr Adamu has said he will appeal. The 57-year-old was caught on camera requesting $800,000 from The Sunday Times reporters posing as American lobbyists to build artificial football pitches in Nigeria in exchange for his vote. Mr Adamu said in a statement: “I am innocent of all the charges levelled against me by the Ethics Committee and I completely refute the decision they have made.”

Mr Temarii, the president of the Oceania federation, also maintained his innocence. He was cleared of corruption but found to have breached rules on loyalty and confidentiality. He was suspended for a year and fined £3,100 after it was alleged he asked for funds towards a training facility in New Zealand.