The Commission invites comments from interested parties on commitments offered by Google to remedy the Commission’s concerns that Google may be abusing its dominant position in violation of Article 102 of the TFEU in the markets for web search, online search advertising and online search advertising intermediation in the EEA. During its investigation, the Commission has identified four competition concerns: i) Google’s web search results treat links to Google’s own specialized web search services more favorably than links to competing specialized web search services; ii) Google uses original content from third party web sites in its own specialized web search services without consent; iii) Google concludes agreements that oblige third party web sites (“publishers”) to obtain all or most of their online search advertisements from Google; and iv) Google imposes contractual restrictions on the transferability of online search advertising campaigns to competing search advertising platforms and the management of such campaigns across Google's Adwords and rival search advertising platforms. The Commission considers that these practices may harm consumers by reducing choice and stifling innovation in the fields of specialized search services and online search advertizing. To address the Commission’s competition concerns, Google proposes for a period of five years, inter alia, to i) label and separate promoted links to its own specialized search services so that users can distinguish them from natural web search results and display links to three competing specialized search services; ii) offer all websites the option to opt-out from the use of all their content in Google's specialized search services, while ensuring that any opt-out does not unduly affect the ranking of those websites in Google’s general web search results; iii) not to include in its agreements with publishers obligations that require them to source online search advertisements exclusively from Google; and iv) not to impose obligations that prevent advertisers from managing search advertising campaigns across competing advertising platforms. If the result of the market test is positive, the Commission may adopt a decision making the commitments binding on Google. Comments may be submitted to the Commission by 27 May 2013. Source: Commission Press Release 25/04/2013