Princeton Digital Image Corp. ("Princeton Digital") filed a patent infringement action against Hewlett-Packard and Hewlett Packard filed a summary judgment motion. With the summary judgment motion pending, Princeton Digital filed a letter with the district court requesting that the district court order a mediation between the parties pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83.9.

The district court also received a letter from Hewlett-Packard opposing Princeton Digital's mediation request, arguing that their outstanding motion for summary judgment should be determined first. 

The district court sided with Hewlett-Packard and declined to order the parties to conduct a mediation pursuant to the Local Rules. First, the district court found that the pending motions were fully briefed. Second, the district court stated that having considered the parties' submissions on the summary judgment motion, the district court intended to grant the defendants' summary judgment motion. The district court further explained that it would explain its reasons in a written opinion to come later.

As a result, the district court denied the Princeton Digital's request for an order to mediate.

Princeton Digital Image Corp. v. Hewlett-Packard, Case No. 1:02-cv-00779-RJS (Dec. 9, 2014)