ASHE (2000) 6115: Inflation beating increase for care workers

The publication of the 2015 data for ASHE (SOC 2000) 6115, wages of care workers, home carers and senior care workers, has now been published.  The statistics show that carers wages have increased almost 1.5% over the rate of inflation.

The key points are as follows:-

  • There has been an average increase across the centiles of some 2.46%
  • Those workers in the top centiles, namely the 75th, 80th and 90th centiles, however, have seen a lower percentage increase:-

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* The 2014 revised data for these centiles shows no change from the 2014 provisional data, save for in the 90th centile, which has increase by GBP 0.01.

  • Wages across all percentiles, apart from the 75th and 80th, are at an all-time high.
  • By comparison, the retail prices index has this year increased by 0.9% to April 2015.