The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently confirmed that it is now increasing its investment in the back-side of E-Verify, namely the Compliance Management and Tracking System (CMTS). CMTS was created by DHS in June 2009 to track and manage non-compliance in the E-Verify system. CMTS regularly generates reports such as multiple security number use in E-Verify, employers who terminate employers as a result of a tentative non-confirmation and employers who run queries through E-Verify more than three days after hire, to name a few. DHS confirmed that in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009, it sent approximately 1,000 letters to employers with regard to E-Verify non-compliance. DHS stated that in fiscal year 2010 it expects to greatly expand CMTS with further automation and monitoring for additional violations and increasing its compliance coordination efforts with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).