Employment Permits - the new Trusted Partner Registration Scheme

In the Action Plan for Jobs 2015 published by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Minister Richard Bruton introduced measures intended to reduce administrative burdens on employers. One such initiative, the Trusted Partner Registration Scheme, has just been launched (on 12 May 2015) for employment permit application forms.

The benefits of becoming a "Trusted Partner" under this new Scheme include:

  • Less paperwork! As a registered company it will ease the administration burden as the company won't have to replicate the company information for each permit.
  • It will mean a more streamlined application process for employment permits with fewer supporting documents required.
  • A faster turnaround of employment permit applications i.e. within 2 working days for complete applications.
  • There is no fee to register.

How to apply?

To register, a form (link below) must be completed and sent to the Employment Permits Section of the Department together with supporting documentation. For limited companies, the form must be signed by the Company Secretary.


Once registered, the company will receive a trusted partner registration number. As a result, the “Trusted Partner” will be required to provide very limited details regarding the company on an employment permit application form. However, information concerning the employee and job details will continue to be required with each permit application.

There will also be no requirement for the “Trusted Partner” to sign the employment permit application forms.

The status of a “Trusted Partner” will be valid for a 2 year period. Companies can continue to use an agent to submit employment permit applications for its employees.