• The House and Senate return from their weeklong July 4 recess, continuing negotiations to raise budget caps and the debt limit.

• The White House has planned a social media summit to discuss challenges and opportunities in the online environment.

• Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will testify regarding monetary policy before House and Senate committees.


  • The House is in session Tuesday through Friday and will vote on the annual National Defense Authorization Act.
  • The Financial Services Committee on Wednesday will hold a hearing on monetary policy with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.
  • The Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday will hold a hearing on cybersecurity threats to the power grid.


  • The Senate returns today and will continue voting on President Trump’s judicial and administrative nominees.
  • The Senate Banking Committee on Thursday will review monetary policy with Powell.
  • The Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday will consider a dozen wide-ranging bills, as well as nominations.


  • Today at the White House, Trump plans to deliver a speech regarding the environment.
  • Tonight he will attend a dinner with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. He will meet with Al Thani again tomorrow.
  • Thursday he will speak at the Presidential Social Media Summit.