Amid ongoing recalls of Blue Bell Creameries’ ice cream products, a plaintiff has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company is liable for his severe listeriosis infection he says stems from the consumption of several varieties of contaminated products. Shockley v. Blue Bell Creameries Inc., No. 15-425 (W.D. Tex., filed May 19, 2015). The plaintiff alleges that Listeria monocytogenes infected his blood, then brain, resulting in permanent brain damage and leaving him near death.

The complaint documents the recent Listeria outbreak subsequently linked to Blue Bell’s products by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Blue Bell utterly failed to design and implement sanitation and safety programs that would have prevented the sort of infestation and contamination that occurred at its facilities over a period of years,” the plaintiff asserts. He seeks compensatory, economic and punitive damages for strict product liability, negligence, misrepresentation and breach of warranties.