Recently created Energy Committee will work on a national energy plan for the next 30 years. A bond issue to the tune of 400 million US dollars is being considered to finance electricity infrastructure. In its first 100 days the Paraguayan Government has set up an Energy Committee which shows that it has assigned top priority to the energy sector. This committee is composed by technicians and administrative officials who will explore the possibilities of obtaining resources to improve electricity infrastructure. The committee’s first task would be to prepare a national energy plan for the next 30 years.

The head of the Paraguayan National Electricity Agency (in spanish ANDE – Administración Nacional de Electricidad) has explained that the main issue now is to improve the quality of power transmission lines. At present, for example, lines are vulnerable to extreme climate change so underground wiring would be a potential solution.

To finance the improvement of the electricity infrastructure of the country ANDE is considering issuing bonds for approximately 300 to 400 million US dollars. The minimum investment required would be about 900 million US dollars, according to the head of the entity.